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About Micanopy, Florida

Micanopy is Florida's self-proclaimed antiques capital. Named in honor of a Seminole Indian chief and settled in 1821, the Alachua County town of Micanopy – about 10 minutes south of Gainesville – features dozens of antique shops, many on tree-lined Cholokka Boulevard. The street also is the site of Micanopy’s annual Fall Harvest Festival – think music and crafts. The scene is heavy on greenery, making Micanopy a pleasant spot to while away an afternoon beneath the oaks. In addition, the nearby Paynes Prairie Preserve State Park allows you to spot bison (yes, bison!) and wild horses from a 50-foot-high observation tower.

Micanopy is pronounced as if it were spelled mick-a-no-pee with the accent on the third syllable.

Micanopy's historic district was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983. One of the town's founders, Moses E. Levy, is the subject of an acclaimed biography—Moses Levy of Florida: Jewish Utopian and Antebellum Reformer (2005). Micanopy has been used as a location for several major motion pictures including "Cross Creek" (1983) and "Doc Hollywood" (1991), and is mentioned in the hit country song "Seminole Wind". Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings home were she wrote "The Yearling" and Cross Creek is nearby. The house is now a museum.

Noted residents include the late zoologist and author, Archie Carr, and his conservationist wife, Marjorie Harris Carr, who lived for many years at their home at Wewa Pond just outside Micanopy.


Micanopy hosts a large arts festival every autumn featuring many local (and distant) artists. The festival brings in a crowd much larger than the town's population from across Payne's Prairie in Gainesville and surrounding areas.

Micanopy is mentioned in the Tom Petty song "A Mind with a Heart of Its Own" from the album Full Moon Fever.

Micanopy is mentioned in the John Anderson song "Seminole Wind" from the album Seminole Wind. The song is covered by James Taylor on the album James Taylor Covers.


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